b'GATEPOSTS Citygate Network News and Events September/October 2020Citygate Network MembershipPublic Reading of Scripture on the Risefor Member CEOs Were growing! For decades, Citygate Network (regardlessCitygate Network has partnered with Grace & Mercy of how we have been branded) has said the organizationFoundation to initiate a monthly Public Reading of Scripture comprises nearly 300 member ministries. The actual numbersession via Zoom for all our member CEOs. During thehas fluctuated between the mid270s and high280s, butfirst 20 minmembership is currently the highest it has ever been. At thisutes, particiwriting, were just apants listen couple of organiza to clearly tions away fromread select 300, and we antici passages of Scripture, accompanied by soft music and sound pate passing thateffects, allowing the Holy Spirit to do the interpretation. mark soon. TheThe next 20 minutes allow for response to the Scripture more members weand sharing among the CEOs. have, the more we can accomplish together. Many ministries still need the camaraderie, education, resources, and repre This powerful time of holy connection will take place sentation found within Citygate Network.on the fourth Tuesday morning of every month. Watch for an email invitation to register for the next session.Consider how you may be able to help us continue moving the needle.ManKind Facilitator Training Mark Your Calendars for CitygateProgram Kicks off in October Networks 2021 AnnualCitygate Network is excited to continue partnering with Lindstrom ARMS (Abuse Recovery Ministry Services) to present Conference and ExpositionManKind, a faithThe 2021 Annual Conference and Exposition will be in based intervenBaltimore, Maryland, June 25. As the name implies, ourtion designed to hotel, Hilton Baltimore Camden Yards, is just a few stepshelp men underfrom Camden Yards, where the Orioles Major Leaguestand controlling AbuJamra Baseball teamand abusive plays, and itsBaltimores historic Inner Harbor behaviors, and to a short walkbetter deal with to Baltimoresthe beliefs, views, historic Innerand opinions Harbor. Whatsbehind them. To more, well beoffer this powerTaff just 40 minutesful program at from Washington, D.C., providing an intriguing opportunityyour ministry, you must complete the ManKind facilitator to connect in the capital after the U.S. national elections.training. Once youve completed both ManKind and Her Confirmed speakers include Josh Lindstrom, Lina AbuJamra,Journey, you will become a certified facilitator qualified to Russ Taff, Crawford Lorrits, and Jo Saxton. present the lessons of ManKind in a group setting. Lorrits Citygate Networks celebrated Annual Conference andThe ManKind facilitator training is composed of a fiveday, Exposition is seen as the largest and most energetic eventinperson training retreat followed by five weeks of online of its kind for people serving in rescue missions and kindredtraining through ManKind curriculum. ministries. Year after year, attendees affirm that theres nothing else like it. The inperson retreat is planned for October 1923 at Rockford Rescue Mission Ministries in Rockford,Saxton Mark your calendars and look for more informationIllinois, with lodging at Hilton Garden Inn Rockford. coming your way soon! Go to www.citygatenetwork.org/events to learn more.62'