b'John is president of Citygate Network. Prior to being at Citygate Network, John served as COO at Christian Camp and Conference Association. He holds a bachelors degree in Bible with a social work emphasis from Cairn University, and a masters in organizational management from the University of Phoenix. John is the author of Invisible Neighbors and serves on the board of the National Association of Evangelicals. Contact him at jashmen@citygatenetwork.org.the beginning to the end of His Word about the unity of the human race and the unity of people in Jesus Christ. We need to humble ourselves under Gods mighty hand and under His Word. And then we need to make confession to God and to one another because the New Testament encourages us to confess our sins to one another that we might be healed. And we need to be healed. Question\x066 What have you said publiclytice, equity, and reconciliation. Whats truly convicting is know-that indicates you truly want racial unity? What have you said (or thought) privately that indi For over 25 years, Ive lived in aing that I still say things like: We cates you dont really desire that?community where I was a minority,need to change things, but it may yet I still carried privilege as a whitetake a while, or Lets develop plans Response\x06 man. I have tried to leverage my priv- to increase diversity, but we dont Jackilege positively to develop leaders ofneed to set a specific goal or time Crowleyvarious races and ethnicities, to callframe. My willingness to not set Water Street Mission,out the need for increased diversity intangible goals and hold one another Lancaster, Pennsylvaniaorganizations, to develop approachesaccountable allows the status quo to Citygate Network Board Memberto racially equitable justice, and tocontinue indefinitely and reveals how serve under and learn from diverselittle I really prioritize racial justice. Im not a fan of public statements,leadership in my church. I believe IveEven more convicting is when I especially in todays environmentplayed a small role in seeing improve- think about what I dont say. When where language can be manipulated toment in my community.I allow slightly less offensive forms fit a preferred narrative. Ive writtenThat being said, the questionof racism slide, when I dont confront core value statements, marched andabout private speech and thoughts isprejudice based on racial stereotypes, chanted in rallies and prayer vigils, andstill convicting. I can dig into myor when I chalk up an ignorant participated in community conversa- personal history to recall bigoted,comment to generational differences. tions about race, privilege, and justice.prejudiced, or racist thoughts orEvery time I choose my comfort over But Im more concerned aboutcomments I made when I wasthe discomfort of confronting injus-whether my public and private actionsyounger. I know Im not alone intice and racism, Im declaring that through the years have demonstrated athat, and I also know Ive grown fareradicating racial injustice isnt a pri-consistent commitment to racial jus- beyond that kind of blatant racism.ority to me. God, I need your help. \x04 SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2020 WWW.CITYGATENETWORK.ORG 33'