b'authorities. But I wasnt paying atten-tion. In my mind, racial challenges were a problem in the U.S.not in Canada. How wrong I was! Discrimination is sometimes implicit rather than explicit. It can exist overtly or bubble beneath the surface of a polite exterior. I recognize that I have to constantly be on guard so Im not blind to not-so-subtle slights and injustices that visible minorities quietly endure. Systemic racism isnt just about practices and policies; it includes atti-tudes that drive behavior. Our mission employs people from over 25 different countries in a staff of 160. However, diversity doesnt automatically result in healthy atti-tudes and changed beliefs. Canada may enjoy the reputation of being nice; but Canadians, including me, still have much to do to eliminate bar-riers and change unfair perceptions.The diversification of our board andthe flippant response was: Well, we staff with people of color has beencant help who applies for and scores Question\x06 very important not only to me, buthigh on the police exam. 3 Is racially diversifying youralso to our leadership team. Not onlyThough this may be true, it lacks board and staff (with white,is it critical that the board reflects thenecessary depth. We often excuse our black, brown, and Asian facesdiversity of the individuals and fami- lack of diversity by explaining who that represent your community)lies we serve, but its also importantapplied for the role, who was available something youve been meaning tothat our executive leadership does. to sit on a board, and so forth. If few do but just havent gotten to? If so,Although weve made progress into no people of color apply, it cant be whats holding you back?this area, we admittedly have moreour fault that were not diverse enough, work to do. I remember being in anright? Expanding where we recruit for Response\x06 editorial board meeting with ourkey roles may help us explore a more Anna Valeria county sheriff several years ago to dis- diverse candidate pool. Candidly,Iseman cuss building relationships betweenI would love to see resources within Open Door Mission,law enforcement and the community.Citygate Network that help us identify Rochester, New YorkWhen pushed about the sheriffand connect with local networks we Citygate Network Board Memberdepartments lack of diversity incan use in our recruitment process to reflecting the populations it serves,have access to more minorities. \x02 SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2020 WWW.CITYGATENETWORK.ORG 31'