b'Your sheepskinCEOs by Education Levelwas worth it.More than one-third of our1% Less Than a High CEOs have a masters degreeSchool Diplomaas their highest level ofDoctorateHigh School Diploma education (34 percent). TheDegree 6% 5% or Equivalentcombination of doctorateProfessional2% Some College, degrees, masters degrees,Degree 15% No Degreeand bachelors degrees is more than two-thirds. The good news (especially for those who paid your schoolMasters7% Associate bills) is that 89 percent ofDegree 34% Degreeyou say you are fully or somewhat utilizing the disci-pline associated with your degree. Interestingly, we have as many CEOs with doctor- Bachelors ates as we do with only high30% Degreeschool diplomas or less. The pool of people without a degree or diploma is just over 15 percent. Cairn University or City Vision University would definitely be interested in talking to you about distance learning and getting a degree if you are interested in becoming credentialed.We feel needed! More than 80 percent of you said thatCitygate Network 80%you depend on Citygate Network for pro- Webinars 56%fessional development. In fact, that wasPublications 55%the highest percentage given to any insti-tutional professional development source.Mentor/Life Coach 38%More than half are using blogs for yourOther 29%professional growth, and more than half are using various publications. AlmostBlogs 26%38 percent of you say your professional development is thanks, in part, to a men- Global Leadership Summit 23% CEOs by Professional Christian Leadership tor or life coach, which we found veryAlliance 1% Developmentinteresting. It will be fun to eventually break these methods down by age group. Percent 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80The Citygate Network staff needs to faithfully look at its professional development content and delivery, and make sure nothing ever slips because of how valuable it is to you in your leadership role. And by the way, thanks for the level of trust that youre bestowing.20 WWW.CITYGATENETWORK.ORG SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2020'