b'data allows all who are participating in the journeyyear. Foundations want meaningful results to to measure the difference theyre making. Youcome from their grantsnot only to highlight know when youre winning and when youregrantees accomplishments, but also to illustrate losing; who is contributing and who is not. Thistheir own accountability and appeal to donors. helps create a winning organizational culture.More and more, sophisticated donors also want some of those results to be measurable. 2. Data is useful for raising money.Institutional, agreed-upon outcomes data S ecuring necessary resources is anotheris a game-changer for fundraisers, Bob Gehman marker of winning. Imagine you have aexplains. I dont think HUM, or any other huge program need, and it will take bigorganization for that matter, could get the large, money to meet it. You find a foundation thattransformational, investment-type gifts without loves giving to projects just like the one you haveoutcomes measurements as a case for support. It in mind. As you begin working on the narrative,just doesnt make sense to the investor to invest words flow like water. You draft a masterful exec- in vagueness. utive summary, a compelling needs statement,Very recently, a potential funder contacted and a tight project description with a realisticCitygate Network for benchmarking outcomes budget. But then you arrive at the measurabledata. He wanted to know how a particular mission outcomes section.compared to other missions in our network with Make sure youre preparedbefore you everhelping people become sober, procuring stable realize the funding needto give this section duehousing, and earning livable wages. He also asked diligence. Measurable outcomes help secure grantabout output-type data, such as nights of shelter funding, particularly for large gifts, and havingand meals served. While we were able to provide outcomes data from existing programs and projectssome benchmarking data, we would love to be is a wonderful way to demonstrate to future fundersable to provide a more complete set of metrics to that your organization values measurable results. help our members win more grants.Nearly 60 percent of our member ministriesThe M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust has given work with at least five foundations in a typical$24.8 million through 163 grants to rescue missions 10 WWW.CITYGATENETWORK.ORG SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2020'