b'Brooks Ann is director of vulnerable populations at Cone Health System in Greensboro, North Carolina. Her work includes coordination of care and care transition for homeless and uninsured patients. She is a member of the Homeless Initiative Advisory Committee, Continuum of Care for the City of Asheville, Safety Net Provider leadership, crisis initiatives, and law enforcement collaboration.thoroughly washed with dish soap and hot water or in a dishwasher.Selfcare for you and your staff is criticalPost guidelines for doing laundry, such as washing instructions and how to handleduring this overwhelming period in history. dirty laundry.Sinks could be an infection source, so avoidHold everyone accountable for taking time placing toothbrushes directly on counterto recuperate and recharge.surfaces. Use totes for personal items so they dont touch the countertop. For additional information, go to www.citygate network.org/cdc_shared_living ScreeningH omeless shelters can screen guests for symptoms of respiratory infections. Guests who have symptoms may or may not have COVID-19. Make sure they have a sepa-rate place to safely stay within the shelter or at an alternate site in coordination with local health au-thorities. An on-site nurse or other clinical staff can help with clinical assessments. In addition:Provide a mask for anyone who presents with symptoms.NHCHC.org. Listen to the webinars and sendFacilitate access to non-urgent medical carethem to your staff. as needed.\x05 \x05 \x05Use standard facility procedures to determineFinally, self-care for you and your staff is critical whether a client needs immediate medicalduring this overwhelming period in history. Hold attention. Emergency signs include troubleeveryone accountable for taking time to recuper-breathing, persistent pain or pressure in theate and recharge. If you havent already, facilitate chest, new confusion or inability to arouse,a plan for what to do if your staff need to quaran-and bluish lips or face.tine, and make sure they check in daily with their symptoms. Many innovative apps can send Notify the designated medical facility andCOVID screening questions to your employees personnel that the guest might have COVID-19.daily to help you keep on top of their health. Find a checklist of safety precautions atBreathe. Take time for yourself to pray, medi-www.citygatenetwork.org/cdc_providers.tate, exercise, or do whatever recharges your soul Also, the NHCHC has a number of resourcesbecause were in this for the long haulbut were pertaining to the national COVID response atin it together. \x04SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2020 WWW.CITYGATENETWORK.ORG 27'