b'Many local health departments and healthfor a 10- to 14-day isolation period. centers provide free mobile testing, so you mayFind your local health center at findahealthbe able to request on-site testing. The congregatecenter.hrsa.gov to see how your organization setting of homeless shelters gives the viruscould benefit from its services. Then reach out to opportunity to spread quickly. Partnering withyour local health department to discuss plans for local medical facilities can also be done in otherwhat to do if someone does present with symp-ways. For example, here in Greensboro, Northtoms and/or needs to be isolated or quarantined. Carolina, the hospital system takes a mobile vanMost large cities have hotel rooms available for to continuum of care organizations every weekthis purpose. to test for COVID-19.Education and mental health support are Asymptomatic testing is important becauseequally important as physical health during these research shows that 40 to 50 percent of infectedtimes. The pandemic has sparked conspiracy individuals show no symptoms at all, whichtheories, as well as great fear, so people with new could wreak havoc when many people sleep inor existing mental health conditions will benefit the same space. Once test results come back, wefrom any support you can provide. Depression, work with the health department to transportparanoia, and suicidal ideation has increased; any individuals who test positive to a hotelmany people will need de-escalation and crisis intervention. Having medical staff and/or mental health clinicians to explain the importance of testing, mask wearing, and hygiene practices will help prevent misinformation and the spread of the virus. The more your residents and staff are educated about the pandemic, the more they will feel confident to deal with it. Consider The more your residents and staff arereaching out to your local health system and ask if they have RNs or other medical staff who educated about the pandemic, the morewould come to your location for screenings and/or educational discussions.they will feel confident to deal with it. A foothold for the flu T he pandemic may worsen this fall when more people are driven indoors, so everyone should receive a flu shot. The flu vaccine is expected to be available starting in September. Collaborate with local medical providers to figure out how to access vaccina-tions on site or in a facility. Simultaneous infection would increase the risk significantlyfor those most vulnerable to ending up in an24 WWW.CITYGATENETWORK.ORG SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2020'