b'masks have been a huge need, and let me tell you, virtual volunteers and masks showed up! We asked for thesePut Them to Work! via email through our volunteer man-agement tool and by posting on our robust social media channels. Use virtual volunteers to get things doneHeres what came to fruition: Many Photos courtesy of Los Angeles Mission people and groups came to the rescueTry asking people to do these tasks remotely: by not only buying and donating, but also by making masks. A young ladySending biweekly eblasts via email to cheer on all volunteers. named Khloe from Khloe Kares (a 14- Collecting food boxes and nonperishable food from home. year old with her own nonprofit!) gotMaking masks. her crew to start making masks. They delivered hundreds to us within days,Conducting online research, finding allowing us to give out beautiful masksways to get needed items. to our guests and students. Writing encouraging notes. An organizationGathering donations called Warm Heartand making hygiene kitsMission, which usuallyat home. gives us blankets at Thanksgiving, went toMaking giftinkind work raising funds andphone calls. buying materials toBaking cookies and other treats. sew masks. A key com- Writing thank you notes. ponent to helping our virtual volunteersWorking on awareness achieve what wecampaigns.needed involved \x02 SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2020 WWW.CITYGATENETWORK.ORG 49'