b'Another powerful method is using our volunteers who work for larger companies to get those companies to help. One of our volunteers who works for a large corporation saw that we needed masks. Within a few days, several thousand masks arrived. Volunteers are the lifeblood thatour existing platform and invite ouropportunities to help our bottom lines.courses through our veins. As a mis- most valued volunteers to becomeWhat did this look like? First, sion, we have what we call sweetdigital versions of themselvesvirtualwe used tools we had on hand. Our spots where people can get involvedvolunteers.two most powerful tools were our and truly find their purpose usingsocial media channelsFacebook, their time, talent, or treasure. MissionA bigger, better teamInstagram, and Twitterand Volun-volunteers selflessly give so much ofW ith all the new nomen- teer Hub, our volunteer management their time. In fact, at this point in time,clature upon ussocialtool. By using these, we didnt have volunteers have annually given usdistancing, quarantine,to totally reinvent the wheel; we just more than 40,000 hours. With this newisolation, N95 masks, PPE, PPPweenhanced it in a more powerful way normal upon us, we had to quicklyknew that our volunteers could bobthat garnered incredible results. pivot into a new fighter-like stance. and weave effectively. So we went toAs we all know, theres nothing So what does an 85-year-old organ- work and came up with all kinds ofworse than having nothing for a vol-ization do when the day-to-day tasksprojects that not only engaged our newunteer to do, whether in the physical are often not ones that are glamorousvirtual volunteers, but also providedor virtual sense. Trust me when I to do? What does a boxer do when oneopportunities to truly help the mission.say that our volunteers at the Los of his greatest tools in the proverbialIts incredible what happens whenAngeles Mission have not felt like ring is suddenly obliterated? you marry a felt need with people whothey dont have a purpose! In Rocky Balboa-esque fashion, wetruly care. Places like our missionsWhen it comes to volunteers, no decided to quickly reinvent ourselvesalways need financial resources, but weone is left out; young and old alike, in a technological way. We would takeoften forget that volunteers also give useveryone has been involved. Of course, 48 WWW.CITYGATENETWORK.ORG SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2020'