b'DAYTODAYINSURANCE SOLUTIONSBrian MerriamCaution: Potential Danger Ahead The blessing and danger of volunteer driversI s your ministry blessed with volunteer driv-Always perform a volunteer intake, including ers? This is one way the community cana written application (contact us for samples). participate in the work you do. Generally, Intake forms should ask for the volunteers such arrangements work very well and reduce thename, date of birth, drivers license number, need to pay drivers. Additionally, if volunteers useand state of licensing. their own cars to run errands and transport guests for doctor appointments and similar needs, mis-The intake form should thank volunteers for sion vehicles receive less wear and tear.their interest in serving the ministry and I know about a ministry in whichshould lay out ground rules (such as needinglocal churches appealed to men toa clean driving record, holding a valid drivers serve as mentors. These relationshipslicense, agreeing to have their driving records were good not only for the guests butchecked, etc.). also for the volunteers, as friendships Require a specified minimum limit of liability, were established, volunteers servedsuch as $300,000. as role models, and employment networking offered work therapy.Once theyre approved, provide concise One day, as a volunteer pickedinstructions that include rules of the road up a guest and was leaving the min- (such as obeying all driving laws), assuring istry property, he didnt see anthat the vehicle is safe (has been inspected oncoming motorcyclist and causedrecently [if applicable for your state], has a serious accident. Predictably, aworking safety belts, etc.), not driving under lawsuit ensued that named both the volunteerthe influence of any drugs or alcohol, and only driver and the ministry as co-defendants. Clearly,driving to the intended destination. the driver was liable since he controlled the car, If volunteers drive ministry vehicles, addition-but what was the ministrys duplicity other thanal rules might apply, including filling the gas opportunity? Since the driver carried lower limitstank, ensuring the vehicle comes back clean, of liability protection than the ministry did, itsand returning keys to a specified and secured not surprising that the ministrys deeper pock- location. ets were pursued more aggressively. Ultimately Brian is the official insurance consultant for Citygate Network.they lost the lawsuit, and the claimant received Accidents and road violations should be The Merriam Agency offersa multi-million-dollar settlement for his injuries.reported immediately. If the drivers ability property, casualty, auto, directorsVolunteer drivers are a blessing to the ministry,has deteriorated, remove him or her from this and officers, and workers compensation coverages tailored toand we should not avoid using them. Rather, takevolunteer position immediately. Remember, the needs of Citygate Networkthese prudent steps before allowing anyone toeven one incident compromises your overall members. You can email Brian atdrive on your behalf:fleet insurance. \x04brian@merriaminsurance.com .54 WWW.CITYGATENETWORK.ORG SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2020'