b'Exceeding Expectations One example of Farmers to Families impactCitygate Network member Rescue Mission AllianceValley Food Bank participated in the Farmers to Families program, which allowed them to provide food for an additional 1,500 families per week. Pastor Paul Kim, lead pastor of The House a Church Family, reflected on his experience: The families who came already knew what to do. We hardly had to organize anything. They drove up in their cars, and we got to load their vehicles with goodies. Under the circumstances, we were wondering if we would be able to have the food pantry at all because we had canceled the previous one. All expectations were exceeded.We werent sure what to expectSo we did the best we could with all the people who came. We packed at the church and then delivered the groceries in prepared boxes.We thought it would be chaoticIt was one of the most organized pantries we have ever had. We thought distancing would be an issueThe families stayed in their cars, so following that guideline was no problem. We were concerned someone might get sickIt turns out that its good for us to be outside. We thought we would not have many people come to receive the foodWe had twice the number of families we usually get to serve.It was a blessed and needed breath of fresh air in the middle of this pandemic we are all enduring. Praise God!Photos courtesy of CityServe44 WWW.CITYGATENETWORK.ORG SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2020'