b'ACROSS THE STREETAdrienne GoodstalLooking for Lost Sheep Taking ministry outside the wallsF or 120 years, our missionthe hundreds of guests inside has had the privilege ofeach night, but going out to find serving and providingthose who arent. We dont go hope to people experiencingout to convince them they homelessness. More than aneed to get shelter or get into century after its founding, ourprogramming. Rather, our sole mission hasnt changed from itspurpose is to listen, learn, and early beginnings. We continuebuild trusting relationships so to demonstrate Jesus compas- we can provide the resources sion to the hungry and home-they tell us they need.less. Yet a chief component hasHeres how you can do changedtoday, we intention- the same: ally go outside our missionIdentify one staff memberlunches, and hygiene kits. Take walls to build relationships. to lead and recruit volunteers.note of what people say their During the polar vortexDoes someone on your existingneeds are, and add to your storm of West Michigan in 2018,team have a passion for out- inventory as you continue. we began our first intentionalreach, and can he or sheNetwork and build partneroutreach effort. While we alwaysconsistently commit severalships. Reach out to other open our doors during extremehours a week? Consistency ismissions, parks and rec depart-weather to anyone in need ofkey to building trusting relation- ments, and other agencies that shelter, it wasnt enough. Weships. We learned this duringdo this type of work, including couldnt sit by and say, we areour visit to Union Gospel Mis- local fire and police depart-open; people will come in whension in Seattlea mission withments. Connect with your they choose.an incredible God-led ministrycommunity officers who already The parable of the lost sheeparm and team. Dedicated,know the homeless population. in Luke 15 is an explicit exampleconsistent staff and volunteersI pray that you are led to of active outreach. The shepherdmake outreach possible.embark on outreach within left 99 sheep to go out and bringTake an inventory of whatyour own ministry. Going back the one that was lost. Foryou already have. You dontoutside our mission walls has us, this is what outreach means:need a lot of resources to getbeen one of the best experiences not becoming complacent withstartedjust a van, snacks/sackfor our insides. \x04Adrienne serves as vice president of community engagement and advocacy for Mel Trotter Ministries in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Because of her position, the ministry has opportunities to engage with key local decision makers and bring awareness on issues surrounding homelessness. In addition, she leads the clinics, outreach efforts, and housing program. Contact her at adriennegoodstal@meltrotter.org.SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2020 WWW.CITYGATENETWORK.ORG 53'