b'3. Data is useful forOne powerful way that rescue missions and influencing policy.kindred ministries can safely access government T he relationship between government andgrants is by convincing legislators that their faith-based nonprofits has reached a cru- programs are effective at solving public problems cial transition point, and the effects ofand even saving tax dollars. A 2017 study initiated this Novembers election on that relationship cantby Citygate NetworkAssessing the Faith-be determined yet. But were learning that theBased Response to Homelessness in America government can indeed be a partner in our work. (www.citygatenetwork.org/baylorstudy)Fifty-five percent of our members participateestimates that faith-based organizations create in their areas Homeless Management Informa- $8.27 in taxpayer savings for every $1 the govern-tion System (HMIS), which is an informationment invests.technology system used to collect client-levelThe study, which was conducted in 11 cities data and data on housing and services provision.where Citygate Network members operate, further This data feeds government policy and dictatesshows an estimated $119 million in tax savings in the disbursement of government funds to non- those cities during the three years following imple-profit service providers. Whats more, nearly asmentation of faith-based residential recovery and many of our members have representation onjob readiness programs. More than eight dollars their local Continuums of Care (CoC), and 10for every dollar investedthat kind of multiplica-percent of our members actually chair theirtion is a compelling reason for the government to CoCs. Many participate in HMIS and their CoCsgive ministries latitude in methodology. without expectation ofor desire forfundingWe believe that multiplication is far better than for their own ministry.division, so weve been working for years to cor-We believe that multiplication is far better than division, so weve been working for years to correct misguided government assumptions about our members work, as well as to help members see how they can partner with government without compromising core values. Data plays a key role in this endeavor. For many members, their first foray into federalrect misguided government assumptions about funding came this year when nearly 80 percentour members work, as well as to help members of our members received funds from the Smallsee how they can partner with government Business Administrations Paycheck Protectionwithout compromising core values. Data plays Program. This seems to illustrate that, when thea key role in this endeavor.government is willing to partner without heavilyEighty-eight percent of Citygate Network influencing methodology, rescue missions are notmembers feel our government engagement activi-opposed to utilizing government funds.ties strike the right balance. Perhaps this year, 14 WWW.CITYGATENETWORK.ORG SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2020'