b'COVER FOCUS: Our major survey reveals important data FACES OF CIT YGATE NETWORKWhat our major survey revealed about membersby CitygateA huge thank you goes to all of our members who completed CitygateNetwork Staff Networks 2020 major survey. Association Metrics in Oklahoma Citythe company that: (1) produced the collection tools, (2) is tabulating results, and (3) will provide detailed analysisshared some of the findings regarding the CEOs (presidents, executive directors) in our network. Examining this batch of early demographic data is like looking in a mirror: It reflects who leads our member organizations. Sharing just a bit of this with you right now is akin to opening just one Christmas present a day ahead of the appointed time when the entire family starts ripping the wrapping paper off of everything under the tree. Its a foretaste of whats to come. What were seeing is already producing some chin stroking in our office. Below are a few basic findings, along with staff commentary.\x0216 WWW.CITYGATENETWORK.ORG SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2020'