b'Were just a few yearsNumber of Participantsfrom Medicare.80 43%80 CEOs by AgeThe youngest CEO to complete7070the survey was 35. The oldest was33%6080. (Actually, there were two 80- 60year-olds!) The median age was505060 and the average age was 58.7.40Hmmm. Thats about six years40away from traditional retirement3030age. About 15 years ago, the aver- 12%20age age was about 54. Despite20 9%younger people coming into the1010 3%association, we leaders are stay-ing longeror living longer. 3039 4049 5059 6069 70+The rapid falloff after age 69 indicates an upcoming sizable wave of CEO handoffs in the next few years. To bear that out, looking at the answer to another question asked in the survey, 39 percent of you said you plan to leave in the next four years. Thats huge. What could such a simultaneous, widespread turnover in top leadership do within the association? Citygate Network needs to prepare for major morphingand make sure thorough succession plans are in place. CEOs by Gender The ladies are on the move.It wasnt all that long ago that if a female 18% in executive leadership was mentioned, the old men would look over their Women glasses like Chuck Schumer looks at Mitch McConnell. As recently as four 82% years ago, we had just over 30 womenin corner offices. Now, women make up 18 percent of all CEOs. (Our database Men tells us there are actually 55.) We are approaching the point that one CEOin five is a woman. Way to go, ladies! It would be nice to know if these women are getting equal pay to their male counterparts. Perhaps we should investigate that.18 WWW.CITYGATENETWORK.ORG SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2020'