b'You have staying power. These days, a decade in the captains30 or More Years 9%chair is a respectable tenure. (Im sure20 to 29 Years 20%we would have some fun discussions as to whether twice that long is twice as good.)10 to 19 Years 33%One-third of our members CEOs have been in leadership at their organizations5 to 9 Years 21%between 10 and 19 years. For certain, that can bring tremendous consistency.3 to 4 Years 5%But close to another 30 percent have been1 to 2 Years 9% CEOs by Tenure at there more than 20 years. To put thisLess Than 1 Year 3% Current Organizationin perspective, about one-third of our leaders were in their roles prior to 9/11. Years 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35Consistency is great, but what are we doing to keep leadership techniques up to date and to stay current in civic matters? To put it bluntly, are we still teachable, and are we keeping our missions and ministries in the front of the pack? Would any longtime leaders benefit from a refresher course in organizational leadership and cultural nuances of the day?Youre really into Facebook. Despite being an average age of 58.7, less than 10 percent of mem-ber CEOs dont use social mediabut apparently most use more than one. Facebook is your favorite, with a whopping 82 percent of you using it at some level. More than half of you are using LinkedIn, and a third of you tweet (or stalk other Twitter users). CEOs by Social Media Use9% None82% Instagram38%Twitter33% These observations and thoughts barely Facebook scratch the surface. Theres so much more 55% information on personal data to study and 3% Other shareand thats just CEOs. We also have LinkedIn data on downline staff. But what will be even 3% Snapchat more interesting in the days ahead is what we now have regarding future perspectiveswhat you see coming and how prepared With such an online presence, is it time foryou feel you are to face it. This will be a fun Citygate Network to develop its own app andjourney together going forward. \x04start funneling services through new mediums that are instantly accessible?SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2020 WWW.CITYGATENETWORK.ORG 21'