b'Our diversity is nothing short2.7% Blackof embarrassing.100100To say we have a long way 80to go for the leadership in80 3.3% All Otherour member organizations to reflect North America as6060a mosaicnot to mention94% White or the people we serveis anEuroAmerican40extremely uncomfortable40understatement. And if 20there was ever a time to20 CEOs by address this, its in 2020. Ethnicity00Addressing this has to start with each members board of directors. The key word is intentionality. Who are we recruiting for the top spot? Who is on the bench? And hitting where it hurts, what is the racial makeup of our boards? NOTE: We may learn later, as more data is provided, that the ethnicity of downline Clevel leadership shows more diversity. Lets hope that is the case. But even so, this issue can no longer be left to auxiliary conversations.About 15 years ago, the average age was about 54. Despite younger people coming into the association, we leaders are staying longeror living longer.We are not a mainline majority.CEOs byPentecostal/ The survey showed that our member CEOsDenominationAssemblies of God/ represent about 30 different denominations. (TheAffiliation Charismaticpart of the survey that looks at downline staff10%will undoubtedly show more.) But we are over-whelmingly Independent/Nondenominational24%(29 percent) and Baptist (24 percent). Combin-ing Pentecostal with Assemblies of God and29%Charismatic (which we recognize arent necessar-ily the same things) pushes that group past 10 percent. After that, everything is in single Baptistdigits. Presbyterian, Evangelical Free, Reformed, Christian & Missionary Alliance, and NazareneIndependent/ 10% were the next largest groups, in that order.NondenominationalAll OthersArguably, modern church history would suggest that Independent/Nondenominational and Baptists would be the most likely denominations to stay an arms length from the other. Collectively, were making great strides in collaboration, but perhaps it has been a struggle for many member organizations because inclusion has not been not been in their DNA. \x02SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2020 WWW.CITYGATENETWORK.ORG 19'