b'DAYTODAYPractical help with the operations and ministry of your mission FINDING FUNDSRoy JonesKeep Asking Three Ds for Raising Funds During a CrisisA s soon as a worldwide pandemic wasDo What Works declared, the nation spun into anThe way weve built donor relationships has economic recession. Many nonprofits changed, likely forever. Top development leaders especially those that minister to the poor, homeless,are now focused on two areas: going old school and unemployedfelt compelled to increase serv- and building new avatar models of engagement. ices and to put theirOldschool tactics fundraising efforts Continue to send mail. Be consistent. Be honest on hold. It created anabout COVID-19s costs to the ministry.entirely new crisis for nonprofits already Use the phone. Every development leader operating on razor- should personally call his or her top 200 to 500 thin margins. donors. Engage with them, ask for their advice, and ask for their support.Decide to Lead Engage a telemarketing company again. Begin You may feel like theby calling just to pray with people, not prey on rug has been pulledpeople. Conduct surveys. And finally, make an out from under you.ask by call three. Events are canceled.Creating avatar opportunities Donors wont meet with you. Do you believe caring Create a virtual event strategyworship fests, for your donors is just as important as caring forgolf tournaments, 5k runs, and virtual galasthe homeless? If so, lets get back to work.using social media, email, and your website. All Dont Hit the Brakescan be great fundraisers and offer companies sponsorship opportunities. Nonprofits are now Many leaders have hit the brakes with fundraising.netting more money with virtual events. Huge mistake. Remember, fund development is Use video and text messaging together. Your not about the money; its about the relationship.program staff, volunteers, and clients should be Weve seen it during 9/11, economic recessions,using their phones to create content that you hurricanes, and tsunamisorganizations thatcan text to donors (not email). invested in donor stewardship during tough times Roy, CFRE, is a nonprofit leader in relationship building, majorare the ones that saw momentous growth. You can do this. Yes, the frequency and rhythm giving, marketing, and fundrais The best fundraisers since March have hiredof the new development model in the pandemic ing, with more than 35 years ofmajor gift officers, contracted with phone banks,era is faster. Stop waiting for the good old days, experience in leading nonprofit organizations. He now serves asand continued with direct mail and integratedand start doing what you can today! Donors will the chief development officer atemail. Donors want to hear from you now moreappreciate that youve made your relationship with Eckerd Connects. You can reachthan ever.them a priority, and they will respond. \x04him at royjones.org. 52 WWW.CITYGATENETWORK.ORG SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2020'