b'NEW PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT IDEASMany of us knew what results to target and how wed measure our success back in March, but a few weeks later, most of those targets had been disassembled, blown up, or replaced because of the pandemic. While were confident well make progress, were scrambling to reframe our goals as targets keep shifting. Margaret OHanlon of re:Think Consulting offers three things that may bring method and organization to performance management efforts for the rest of the year. 1 Dont rely on objectives. RevisedMBOs (management by objectives) may play a role in work processes for the rest of the year, but they wont be the foundation they have been in the past. Whats pertinent about employee performance right now is not just results. How employees behave in this turbulent environment is more important than ever.2 Lose the attitude about competencies. Through the COVID19 period, employee contributions that will make the biggest impact will be teamwork, reliability, creativity, and communications. Give employees feedback on these types of behaviors.3 Celebrate professional growth. Acknowledge that the crazy environment were in is also a perfect setting for employee growth. Employees are taking on new responsibilities and solving novel, complex problems. Competencies will help you talk with employees about their development and readiness for new responsibilities.SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2020 WWW.CITYGATENETWORK.ORG 59'