b'DAYTODAY PR TOOLKITAmi NeibergerMiller Grab the Medias Attention How to stand outI did a quick Google search for rescue mis- quotes read, When you come here you are a fullsion and was impressed with how manyhuman, and we will make sure that you feel that organizations are doing new things, speak- way. You will feel safe. Youre going to feel loved. ing out on issues impacting homeless people, andYoure going to feel encouraged. And were going working hard to earn press coverage. How canto drive you to the success that you deserve. In that moment, readers knew what the mission valued and, hopefully, learned to better appreci-ate the people it served. Be present. One story involved a mission that was denied a new facility permit through a veto from a new mayor. The city council upheld the veto (reversing a prior decision in favor of the mission), and news coverage from several outlets didnt include quotes or footage from mission staff or supporters. The only thing I could find showed an attorney speaking about the missions intentions before the vote. Its tough to speak out when things dont go your way, but more voices saying why this location was needed couldve you stand out from the crowd and attract mediaswayed public opinion.attention? Here are a few things I observed:Be available. Another story was about a mis-Do something new. Missions win press coveragesion buying property, and unfortunately, it said through dedicating new buildings, announcing athe mission director didnt respond to a request property purchase, starting new programs, andfor comment. Of course, sometimes people are inviting the public to help with fundraisers. legitimately unavailable, but this was a missed Invite the media to tag along during your ordi opportunity to give a quote. Always give the nary activities. One mission was involved in amedia a phone number thats answered 24/7 program for veterinarians to care for homelessso if a call comes in, you can respond. peoples pets. The local newspaper did a beautifulOffer numbers. One of the stories highlighted photo essay showing the pets getting checkups.a new facility for a program serving single Be true to who you are and talk about yourwomen. The story is full of statistics about the Ami owns Steppingstone LLC,works intrinsic value. In one story, a missionbuilding, the women who can stay in it, and an independent public relations and design practice that assistsdirector was asked to comment on the murdershow many local people experience homelessness. nonprofits in sharing theirof two people near the mission. She knew andI would bet all those numbers were shared with stories. Email her at ami@ had served meals to them both. One of herthe reporter in a news release. \x04steppingstonellc.com.58 WWW.CITYGATENETWORK.ORG SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2020'