b'Emmanuel, comes and dwells with usStory after story illustrates this. The in the wilderness. Having passed theplace to be for the best view of won-wilderness test for us, Hes able toders God performs on behalf of His carry us through not just the wilder- children is lying at His feet in worship. ness, but all the way through death toThe size of the foe is irrelevant. resurrection.Let go of your idols, bow down, Israel failed the wilderness test, too.and worship because the only One In Joshua chapter 3 we find Israelworth fearing has died and risen standing at the Jordan River, readyGod doesnt just leadfor you. Proof that obedience and to do what their parents failed to dous out of theworship matter more than physical 40 years before. Its a take two kindstrength? God tells all Israel to be cir-of moment. As they prepare to crosswilderness when wecumcised just days before their first over, they seem to be in much thebattle (they werent circumcised in the same place that we as a Church findcry to Him for help.wilderness), then He has them cele-ourselves now. With a storied past andHes also the One whobrate the Passover, then He introduces much baggage, theyre plungingHimself to Joshua as the commander onward into scary, unknown territory. leads us into it andof the army of the Lord and invites God tells the people that theyvehim to worship. Its after this that the never been this way before (Joshuathrough it.walls of Jericho fall down.3:4), so they need some guidance. The instructions He gives are helpful to us,Come and Listentoo. Three parts are especially fitting(Joshua 3:9) today: consecrate yourselves, come andW ere so used to talking listen, and follow the ark. I offer themand strategizing. Were to you for consideration as you standa people of plans and on the precipice of this next season andaction. Joshua says Come and listen prepare to follow our Good Shepherdto the words of the Lord your God. into the land He has for you. Joshua doesnt just call God Lord or God. He calls Him the Lord your Consecrate YourselvesGod. Elsewhere in this chapter he (Joshua 3:5)calls Him the Lord, the Lord of all the G od is holy. The One whoearth. Hes reminding us that the One fights for His people is infi- calling our attention to Himself is both nitely more fearsome thanthe Creator and Ruler of all (including our greatest enemy. If were going to bethe enemies were about to face), as afraid of anything, it should be Him.well as the One who enters into per-Success in battle for the people of Godsonal and intimate relationship with was never about the strength of theHis peopleHes the Lord our God. enemy. It was always about their rela- That relationship will continue during tionship to and posture before God.this next leg of the journey. \x02 SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2020 WWW.CITYGATENETWORK.ORG 37'