b'DAYTODAY FULL PLATETyler PeoplesChef Bill to the RescueImpactful relationships can start in the kitchenI arrived at Springs RescueHe wore a clean, starched whitemy new job. I told her aboutMission at 5:59 a.m. to startchefs coat with the phrase Toeverything I had learned. More my first day on the job. Thisthe Glory of God embroideredimportantly, I told her that Id was a dramatic departure fromon it. I was so glad that his wasmade a new friend. the schedule I was used to inthe firstface I saw that day.Seven years later, Chef Bill the restaurant industry. BeforeChef Bill welcomed me warmlyand I are still friends. Weve joining the team at the rescueand set me at ease with his con- grown very close over the years mission, Id reported to workfidence.weve spent together in the around 11:00 a.m. and oftenBill first came to the missionkitchen. I learned all about his didnt leave work until aroundin 2008 to volunteer in ourfamily, his interests, and some 11:00 p.m.kitchen. After a short time, theof the wild stories from his fire-chef offered him a full-timefighting days. He mentored me, position. Bill loved cooking andand I admired his faith and learning new techniques. Evencommitment to helping others. though we were just a soupWorking at a mission can be kitchen, he took great pride indifficult, and Chef Bill rescued the food he created. He was anme more than a few times. instrumental figure in our culi- Proverbs 11:14 says, For nary training program and thelack of guidance a nation falls, catering company that sprangbut victory is won through from the tiny kitchen at themany advisers. Chef Bill and I rescue mission.no longer work side by side in Chef Bill gave me a tourthe kitchen. He now heads up around the kitchen, and then heour in-house security team, showed me the rest of the cam- and I have a different role that pus. His knowledge and histakes me out of the kitchen heart to serve impressed me. Wemost of the time. But I know On that chilly April morning,spent the rest of the day together,that when I took a leap of faith my new supervisor, Chef Bill,and I struggled to retain all theto join the ministry, God had greeted me. Chef Bill is a tall,information he gave me. ThatChef Bill waiting to help guide enthusiastic retired fireman.night, my wife asked how I likedme through. \x04Tyler is catering manager for Springs Rescue Mission. During his 10 years in the food services industry, he has been recognized as the Best Chef in Colorado Springs by the Colorado Springs Restaurant Association, and was awarded Chef of the Year in 2014 by the American Culinary Federation. Contact him at tylerp@springsrescuemission.org.60 WWW.CITYGATENETWORK.ORG SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2020'