b'CONTENTSDAYTODAY continued Practical help with the operations and ministry of your organizationFINDING FUNDSKeep Asking52 Three Ds for Raising Funds During a Crisis by Roy Jones ACROSS THE STREET Looking for Lost Sheep53Taking ministry outside the walls by Adrienne Goodstal INSURANCE SOLUTIONS Caution: Potential Danger Ahead54 The blessing and danger of volunteer drivers by Brian Merriam VITAL VOLUNTEERS Necessary Discomfort57Stretching volunteers comfort zonesby Josh Windham PR TOOLKIT Grab the Medias Attention58How to stand out by Ami NeibergerMiller FULL PLATE Chef Bill to the Rescue60 Impactful relationships can start in the kitchen by Tyler PeoplesAD INDEX61 The magazine of Citygate NetworkGATEPOSTS 62September/October 2020Citygate Network News and EventsVolume 34, Number 5INSTIGATE Publisher: John Ashmen Executive Editor: Marvin Harrell Editor: Kristi Rector Staff Writer: Alice Gifford Advertising: Sam Edwards Instigate (ISSN 26419041) is a bimonthly publication of Citygate Network. Published as a service to members, Designer: Mike Hames it seeks to provide current, useful information about issues and subjects pertinent to those serving in rescuePhone: (719) 2668300missions and kindred ministries. Citygate Network exists to provide the vision, education, training, resources, guidance, representation, and nexus for missions and kindred ministries that are moving people in destituteFax: (719) 2668600 conditions or desperate situations from human suffering to human flourishing through the process of gospel Email: editor@citygatenetwork.org powered life transformation. Instigate magazine welcomes contributions and comments. Please send photographs, queries, and ideas for articles,Web: www.citygatenetwork.org feedback, and address changes to Kristi Rector at editor@citygatenetwork.org , or to Instigates editorial, advertising,Photos: iStock, unless noted and circulation offices at Citygate Network, 2153 Chuckwagon Road, Suite 100, Colorado Springs, CO 80919.Printed in the USA All Scripture quotations taken from the HOLY BIBLE, NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION, unless otherwise noted.Copyright2020 by Citygate Network 5Copyright1973, 1978, 1984 Biblica. Used by permission of Zondervan Bible Publishers.'