b'Ways to Win \x03Raising the bar on performance or commitment. \x03Leading a team thats struggling with discordor conflict. Know how your donors think \x03Aligning with creative people. In these circumstances, connect with people on a very Have you surveyed your donors to gather demographicpersonal level. Use vivid descriptions and metaphors information about them? When you know your donors,to draw others into your vision. Share personal stories youll know how to persuade them to give. Lisa Lai, inand experiences to demonstrate end results. a Harvard Business Review article, says that identifying which lever (winning hearts or winning minds) is mostWinning Minds important to donors will help you gain their trust andTo persuade a person about anything, you do need influence their perspective. In most situations, youlllogical arguments to support your perspective. But use both tactics, but identifying which one is likely tosometimes leading with logic and doing it well is be the most compelling up front provides a strongespecially important. Winning minds is usually the foundation for your argument, she says.best option when youre: Winning Hearts\x03Trying to change direction on something that was previously decided. Winning hearts is about connecting people emotion \x03Advocating for one specific choice in a decisionally to your idea or position. This approach is highlymaking process. effective in circumstances such as: \x03Introducing a new idea and trying to pique\x03Helping someone see a situation clearly. interest.\x03Addressing a complex or technical problem. \x03Gaining support for a decision thats already\x03Asking analytical, financial, or executive types been made.to see your perspective.SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2020 WWW.CITYGATENETWORK.ORG 13'