b'CONTENTSThe magazine of Citygate Network September/October 2020 Volume 34, Number 5COVER FOCUS:Our major survey reveals important dataNumbers Count6Why measuring and tracking data through our major survey mattersby Justin Boles + Steer the Ship + Analytics for Nonprofits + Ways to Win Faces of Citygate Network16What our major survey revealed about members by Citygate Network Staff HEALTH CARESurvive the Perfect Storm22Lifelines for the double threat of COVID19 and the flu by Brooks Ann McKinney + The Important Role of Flu Vaccines PERSPECTIVEWe Need to TalkTurning the Tables28White Citygate Network board members respond to questions black people often askby John Ashmen and Friends MOVING FORWARD Soul Care34How to spiritually reset and move forward by Heather RiceINNOVATIONA Delicious Solution40How the Farmers to Families Food Box Program has made sweet lemonade out of fresh lemons by Kristi Rector + How it Works+ Exceeding Expectations HELPERSVirtual Volunteers46The emergence of new ways for people to lend a hand by Ivan Klassen + Put Them to Work! Contents continued on page 5\x02 3'