b'When youre receiving gleaned goods from farms, grocery stores, or farmers markets, desig-nate a separate area to receive and process these goods, outside of the kitchen area. This ensures that you wont bring in spoiled or rotten goods. If your facilities have access to outdoor space, such as a parking area or adjacent vacant land, convert it into an outdoor dining area. Many restaurants have done this, and patrons enjoyit so much that owners are trying to make it a permanent part of their services. Accommodations and chapel services reimagined outdoors For short-term/emergency housing, if you have enough land, you might consider establishing a staff-supervised campground for your guests where your team provides tents, sleeping mats, outdoor restroom trailers, and heat lamps. It could even double as a parking lot for staff and volunteers during the day. This could provide guests with alternative accommodations and free up bed space within your facility. The same can be said for chapel services, using outside seating areas, exercising spaces, even classrooms with WiFi connections (weather-permitting). As many churches have discovered, speakersand yes, even flat-screen TVscan be set up outside.Designing flexibility for your future I f youre contemplating constructing a new building or campus, this is the perfect time to Photos courtesy of Maui Rescue Missionget started. Architects recognize the critical connection between functional space and effec-tive ministry, and the pandemic experience has made it even clearer. Why not use what youve learned through these difficulties to reimaginethe possibilities of your space? Get to work incor-porating these key ideas into your design. \x02 JULY/AUGUST 2021 WWW.CITYGATENETWORK.ORG 31'