b'Photo courtesy of Wheeler Mission Photo courtesy of Denver Rescue Missionings a lot like hospitals operatethey have twoget up and running to do other things in life. We generators. We have to have backups to our sys- want to bless them through our facilities, treating tems. Were digesting that information and whatthem with dignity so theyll see Gods goodness. it means to have folks staying here all the time.We dont do anything unless the buildings are nice. The staff at Wheeler Mission Ministries in Love at first sightIndianapolis, Indiana, also feel strongly about C apital City Rescue Mission operated outtheir guests receiving a good first impression. We of an old building in Albany, New York,see our facility as having a significant role to play when Executive Director Perry Jonesin setting the stage for ministry and program, said started working there 39 years ago. Because weColleen Burns Gore, chief program officer. All were in a low-income area that was pretty beat up,individuals react to how an environment makes we could buy a lot of old buildings. Some formerthem feel, and that impression can either assist or T-shirt factories that hadnt been operational fornegate the ministry and program goals. 50 years were adjacent to the mission; we madeOne of the missions primary goals in design-them into beautiful apartments.ing the building was to create a space that In 2000, the mission relocated to a former fac- promotes social and spiritual health by being tory, and construction is about to begin on a facilitywelcoming and promoting feelings of belonging, that will help the staff more adequately meet qual- dignity, and worth. The staff was intentional with ity-of-life issues. Well be able to put people in bedstheir choice of paint colorsblues and greenswith clean sheets every night. Theyll get a sizeableand by installing an abundance of windows, locker instead of a garbage bag. This will revolu- hanging art, and creating green spaces. Special tionize how much day space we have, Perry said.features like floating ceilings and beautiful light We want people to feel that the mission is afixtures add to the sense of beauty.center of new life and recovery. We want people toContinued on page 14\x02JULY/AUGUST 2021 WWW.CITYGATENETWORK.ORG 11'