b'Photo courtesy of Denver Rescue Missionmember in a private area, away from the lobbyDenver Rescue Mission recently added cell where residents are coming and going. That wayphone lockers for guests since cell phones are one they can sit and feel that they have some dignity,of the most commonly stolen items. People can Steve said. A woman who is a candidate for theset their own code, charge their phone, and then program will go upstairs, where her children can beretrieve it when theyre ready. They can store that entertained while she continues the intake process. valuable while they eat, said John. The depart-Offering health assessments in a private, on-sitement of safety recently came in, and they were clinic was important to staff at The Rescue Missionvery impressed with the lockers because they will in Indiana. The new building houses a clinic wherecut way down on unnecessary 911 calls. (Many three nursesin partnership with a communitypeople call 911 when they lose their cell phones).health grouptreat everything from frostbite to diabetes. The systems of the physical body are soDoing two jobs out of whack for people coming off the streets,M ultipurpose, multifunction furniture Sam said. Were able to catch that on the front endplays a key role at any rescue ministry. in almost a triage-type system. Its changing howAccording to Sam, the chairs and we deliver first-level care to our clients. When wetables in every classroom at The Rescue Mission meet these physical needs, it earns us the opportu- are on wheels. If one class sets up better in a nity to share how much God loves themin manytraditional classroom-style environment, we can cases, to begin to introduce them to Jesus.do that. If we want a group-style environment, The clinic also serves as a properly function- its easy to move the tables and facilitate grouping medication storage area for guests. At theengagement. Anything we could put on wheels, former mission property, guests had to storewe did. We know that flipping a room can be medication in small plastic boxes locked up inphysically demanding, so making it as easy to a staff members office.accomplish as possible was important. \x02 JULY/AUGUST 2021 WWW.CITYGATENETWORK.ORG 17'