b'of the time. Finally, a rapid-housingChandler site was expensive to build,is being built! Under any other emer-Photos courtesy of Hope of the Valley Rescue Missionresponse was being deployed.as the city-owned piece of land had nogency conditionwhere thousands utilities nearby. Bringing in electric,of people are displaced and home-Community responsesewer, water, and gas was expensive butlessthe National Guard would I nevitably, the community pushednecessary. The overall cost per unit ofimmediately be deployed and emer-back on the units being toothe Chandler site, including all sitegency housing would be provided. small, the cost of construction,improvements, was $78,000 per unit.Homelessness requires an emergency and the notion that interim housingThe next site we opened only cost halfresponse. When it comes to perma-is not the solution and housing fundsas much because utilities were nearby.nent housing and interim housing, should be focused on permanentWith the openingof each site, costsits not either/or; its yes/and! housing. Our response:are going down.One of the ways that we attempted Size of unitsAgreed, 64 squareSiphoning from permanentto pre-empt resistance from commu-feet isnt very big, but its a hugehousingI believe in a housing-firstnity members was inviting them toupgrade to someone who is living onmodel when housing and supportivean open house where they could see the streets. Inside each tiny home,services are available. In Los Angeles,firsthand what the site looked like and residents sleep on a comfortable bedthe average monthly cost of a one- how it would operate. Eight hours a and enjoy temperature controls, thebedroom apartment is $2,100notday for four days straight, our staff ability to charge their phones, on-siteexactly affordable, and inventory isdid nothing but give tours. Our goal meals, hygiene care, and social serv- virtually non-existent. The streetswas to demystify the tiny homes and ices. Plus, the site looks beautiful andcannot be the waiting room forencourage community participation. the residents love it. One gentlemanpermanent housing. Its cruel andThe process worked, and we turned said, I feel like I live in my owninhumane to tell people to live out- opposers into supporters.private gated community!side for an indeterminate amountThe overall response from both the Cost of constructionTheof time while permanent housing ho used and unhoused community \x02 JULY/AUGUST 2021 WWW.CITYGATENETWORK.ORG 25'