b'Build a Better Fundraiser by Derric Bakker Dos and donts for running a capital campaignWhen it comes to expanding your mission, fewother volunteers to raise money on your behalf. activities will yield as significant an impact as aWhen it comes to campaigns, nothing beats a capital campaignhelping you take a substantialteam of motivated, passionate, and connected leap forward toward your growth goals. At thevolunteers working in partnership with dedicated same time, capital campaigns are complex andstaff and an experienced consultant.seem daunting to many. If you have a capitalDont miss a zero in haste. Clark Dickerson, campaign in your future, following these dosthe founder of DickersonBakker, has conducted and donts will help you achieve success.hundreds of successful campaigns over his Do your research. Never make assumptions aboutfourdecade career. His best advice? Give your your donors. When considering a campaign, itscampaign time and space to breathe. Its imporvitally important to understand how donors viewtant to push the process forward to maintain your ministry and the extent to which they willmomentum in a campaign; but be mindful that invest their time and resources into your campaign.big, transformative gifts take time to develop.Thats why a feasibility study is such an importantDont wait for a better time. Theres never a step in the capitalcampaign process.perfect time to do a campaign. If you have unmet Do a thorough job of planning and preparing inneeds in your community and a vision to reach advance. The success or failure of any campaign isand serve more people, there will never be a better often baked into the cake before you even put ittime than now.in the oven. Make sure key tasks are thoroughlyDerric is president of DickersonBakkerworked through to give your campaign a solid(www.dickersonbakker.com).foundation.Dont cannibalize your annual fund. Some nonprofitssuch as universities and healthcare organizationsdont rely on fundraising for their daytoday operations. You do. So when raising money for your capital campaign, be sure donors understand that pledges for the capital campaign should be over and above their annual giving.Dont be afraid to ask for big gifts. Nonprofit leaders often have difficulty asking for major gifts because it seems like so much money. Dont fall into the trap of fundraising out of your own wallet. Remember, what may seem big to you may not be big for your donor.Dont underestimate the power of peertopeer fundraising. One of the reasons why capital campaigns are effective is because they provide opportunity for board members and JULY/AUGUST 2021 WWW.CITYGATENETWORK.ORG 13'