b'GATEPOSTS Citygate Network News and Events July/August 2021 www.citygatenetwork.orgFinal Price Break Approaching forPublic Reading of Scripture for Citygate Networks 2021 AnnualMembers Conference and ExpositionFor the past year Citygate Network has partnered with Registrations continue toGrace & Mercy Foundation to initiate a monthly Public come in for our big event inReading of Scripture session via Zoom for individual Baltimore, September 16 members. During the first 20 minutes, participants listen19. Were putting the finish to clearly read select ing touches on a fantasticpassages of Scripture, program, including someaccompanied by soft poignant seminars. Withmusic and sound effects, titles such as: Transformedallowing the Holy Spirit on the Trail: How Outingsto do the interpretation. Changed Our Clients andThe next 20 minutes Team; Courageous Fundraising: Doing the Unthinkableallow for response toto Do the Extraordinary; How Ministries Might Respond the Scripture and sharing to Critical Race Theory; Succession and Next Generationamong the CEOs. This powerful time of holy connection Leaders; Ministry Continuity Strategies for Uncertaintakes place on the fourth Tuesday morning of every month. Days; Defining Work, Promoting Healing; Addiction: Its Nature,Watch for an email invitation to register for the next Effects, and Principles of Recovery;session.and Transforming Homelessness Policies in Your City, to name a few, you dont want to miss this event.Accreditation Program Offers Accountability, Discounts, The final price break deadline is August 31. After that, youll pay more, so get all the details and register todayand Online Management at www.citygatenetwork.org/2021conf. The freshly renamed and revamped Citygate Network Accreditation Program is growing. Some missions have told us that local public officials are increasingly attempting to assert more control over sheltering operations in their cities. Those organizaBoard Training Opportunitytions that are Ripple Effect, Citygate Networks toprated program foraccredited by member ministry boards and CEOs, will be offered onlinegroups that review once again, October 1415. This virtual event includesoperations and expert instruction on governance, the board and money,programs on an godly decisionmaking, succession planning, and inspiringongoing basis may meetings. Participants receive access to an online reposi be able to avoid tory of governance resourcesirregular intervenas well as personalized coach tions by agencies ing, provided either onsite orthat have a differvirtually. Scores of memberent perspective on organizations have alreadylifetransformation work than do our accreditation consulttaken advantage of Rippleants. Whats more, the Citygate Network program offers Effect, with recent attendees rating the content Excellent,substantial insurance discounts through our partnership fully expecting a positive, permanent impact on theirwith Merriam Insurance. Very soon, members in the proboard governance. gram will be able to manage the process online; this has been a welcome upgrade to the already popular program.For more information or to register for the next Ripple Effect training, visit To learn more about Citygate Network Accreditation, www.citygatenetwork.org/rippleeffect. visit www.citygatenetwork.org/accreditation. 62'