b'in the field, and after determiningeligibility, they would transport the client to the tiny home site. When entering the tiny home village, the new resident was welcomed with love and support and instructed on the rules and expectations of the site.Individuals who had been homeless and living on the streets for years were overwhelmed as they entered their new tiny homes. Each unit has an air conditioner and heater. There are four windows, two beds, electrical outlets,Inside each tiny home, shelving, and storage under each bed.residents sleep on a Most importantly, theres a front door that locks. The locking door iscomfortable bed and a big deal, especially to women whoabuse counseling, as well as job experienced sexual violence andenjoy temperaturetraining/job placement, life-skills trauma while living on the streets.controls, the ability toclasses, and spiritual formation. The thought of having a place to The tiny homes are offered at no call home that was safe and securecharge their phones, cost. As long as residents are working moved most to tears. on their case plans with a housing The tiny home community alsoonsite meals, hygienenavigator, they can stay in the tiny features hygiene trailers with show- care, and social services.homes until we find more permanent ers, toilets, and sinks. Washers andhousing, typically within four to dryers are available at no cost. Resi- Plus, the site lookssix months. dents have an outdoor communalIn May 2021, Hope of the Valley dining area and a dog run. Securitybeautiful and thewas selected to open and operate guards round the clock, monitors,residents love it.the largest tiny home community in and an extensive video surveillancethe state of Californiaa 103-unit, system keep the community safe.200-bed site also located in North Our central commissary preparesHollywood. Once again, residents hot, nutritious meals which arewere overwhelmed with the prospect delivered three times a day.of leaving the streets and having A new resident first meets with atheir own tiny home units. Amaz-case manager to work on obtainingingly, the entire site was designed essential documentation: birth cer- and constructed within 90 days! All tificate, state ID, and Social Security103 housing units were erected in card. On-site residents have access toone week. The infrastructure and mental health services and substancesite preparation took the majority 24 WWW.CITYGATENETWORK.ORG JULY/AUGUST 2021'