b'For years the mission staff had talked about the importance of a beautiful physical environment that feels safe and promotes the sense that guests are valued, so the new facility has brought that vision to fruition. The building is so inviting that all kinds of localsaid. The same with the chapel. I underestimated groups want to use it for events and meetings how much space Id need in each area. Our jobincluding the Rotary Club, which meets thereis to keep our eyes on Jesus, to be sure that what weekly for lunch. The missions top-rated cateringwe have in our brains is Gods vision and not our service, which is its vocational rehabilitation pro- personal dream. Once were confident of that and gram, helps attract people to the facility. Sincewe have our staff and board to buy in, paying for many groups still use Zoom during meetings,it is Gods issue. Blake recently added WiFi. Rescue missions tend to be kind of ostracized,A sense of security and to have the Rotary Club meeting hereIP romoting guests sense of security was dont know how you can do better than that forWheeler Missions primary goal when PR, he said.their staff designed the new facility. The next time the mission expands, Blake willGuests need to have a baseline of safety before do things a little differently. I thought the newthey can even begin to receive, Colleen said. dining room was going to be too big, and as soonSecurity systems that support this are key, but itas we opened, I realized it wasnt big enough, heis important to communicate that this is for the \x02 Photo courtesy of Capital City Rescue Mission Photo courtesy of Denver Rescue MissionJULY/AUGUST 2021 WWW.CITYGATENETWORK.ORG 15'