b'Effortless fundraisingwould change. The things they came T o fund the project, we beganup with matched our bed design. a campaign called NeighborsWe passed the little model around, Care. I wanted a 3D print ofand we raised around $100,000 that the beds to show potential donors,night without even asking for it! They but it was really expensive to get onesaw why it was needed, and it was made. At the time I didnt know thewhere they would want to sleep if value of a 3D print and how muchDonors are excited tothey were homeless themselves. Its money I would be able to raise fromeasy to fundraise for these beds that little model! I was talking to myfund [these bed designs]because its a systemic change, not neighbor about it, and he said hedbecause they say, Yourejust a Band-Aid change. Donors are make me one on his 3D printer.excited to fund [these bed designs] We held an event with about 60innovative, youre loving,because they say, Youre innovative, of our major donors and did a brain- youre loving, and youre doing some-storming session with them. Weand youre doingthing were proud to support. brought in our very best bunk bedsomething were proud from the women and childrensSmiles all around shelter and made it look as nice asto support. O ne of the things thats really possible. Then we asked them to talkneat is the volunteer oppor-to us about what they see. Everyonetunity to put a bed together. highlighted the positives.Its like the biggest Ikea furniture party Then we asked them to imagineever, and they have a great time! Its that they were homeless, and this wasunlike any other bed in any shelter in where they had to sleep at a shelter.the world, and it creates a safer and They thought it was okayuntil theymore dignified living environment for were told no bottom bunks were avail- our neighbors coming off the streets. able. Given that major donors tend toOur CEO, Sylvia Anderson, said be older folks, they said they wouldntthese beds are a dream come true do it because it was too hard to get upbecause Its been a long time in the and down. So we asked what theymaking and a long time of thinking about what really helps someone in an emergency shelter. And this bed repre-sents us hearing what they need and adapting what we were doing. Im so excited about the beds, and the response from our guests has been amazing! One guest said, As soon as I came into the shelter, I was introduced to these beds and this space that it allows you to have. They have privacy. 38 WWW.CITYGATENETWORK.ORG JULY/AUGUST 2021'