b'Technology at work18 state-of-the-art computers, and each can inter-M any missions realize the benefits theyface with the instructors monitor. The monitors can reap by integrating technologycan be lifted and rotated 90 degrees so clients can into their work. At The Rescue Mis- easily share their work.sion in Fort Wayne, Indiana, technology plays aConference rooms at the mission are also key role in the emergency services area. Accordingsmart, thanks to a system Sam observed during to COO Sam Hardy, his staff acquires basic infor- a presentation at a local hospital. The hospital mation from each guest and enters it into the staff were using a puck device: Any presenter can system on tablets. Staff have the ability at theirplug in and control the monitor on the walland fingertips to pull up information and see how farthus, control his or her own presentation.we got with the person the last time they came in,This has taken such a weight off our staff he said, and were not repeating the conversationin our conference learning environment, Sam the next time the person comes in.shared. No one needs to send their presentation The Rescue Missions old facility had one officeto someone else; there are no issues with the where three staff members would each be facili- presentation not working properly. tating conversations with guests. You can onlyAnother technological advancement that has get so far like that, Sam said. We have such amade training more effective is hanging mic narrow window of opportunity to address thesesystems in two of the conference rooms. When needs. In our new building we have private assess- people need to join a meeting remotely, they can ment offices fully set with computers and alleasily hear questions attendees are asking.the technology our staff needs to have a privateThe Rescue Mission also uses technology to conversation with folks.kill bedbugs. We added a computer-controlled Technology also plays a key role in learningahot-box room that can elevate to temperatures dedicated learning center has a computer lab withabove 130 degrees, Sam said. Research shows Photo courtesy of Denver Rescue Mission Photo courtesy of Denver Rescue Mission Photo courtesy of Helping Up Mission8 WWW.CITYGATENETWORK.ORG JULY/AUGUST 2021'