b'We have very little carpet; just neat, clean, easy- and fundraising, and itll be debt-free. We found to-maintain flooring surfaces. The color scheme isthat when we wanted to move forward, the door consistent throughout the building. In the past wewas open, and if [it wasnt Gods will], it wasnt. had a less-coordinated color scheme, carpet, andFor Blake Barrow, giving the Rescue Mission of dark finishes and fixtures, Colleen said. For yearsEl Paso an inviting appearance started outside the the mission staff had talked about the importancebuilding. The mission had to relocate in 2016 due of a beautiful physical environment that feels safeto a highway expansion, and the new property and promotes the sense that guests are valued, sohoused a former clubhouse for trolley car workers, the new facility has brought that vision to fruition.circa 1916, with a large parking lot. Its our opportunity to demonstrate how God Theres no substitute for a good first impres-and we as staffsee the guests as beautifully andsion, Blake said. Before a client speaks to one wonderfully made representations of their Creator. staff member, the appearance of your building Having beautiful, homey surroundings is alsohas already spoken volumes about who you are. important at Helping Up Mission. We focus onHaving lots of green, blooming things was very hospitality because the people coming to stay withimportant to me, especially in the desert of El Paso. us are coming from the streets or friends couches,We now have 80 rose bushes around the front and we want them to feel comfortable the momententrance. In the spring and fall, its magnificent. they walk in the door, Steve said.The mission had to invest significantly in the Since their new building is for women andflower beds by digging up part of the parking lot, children, Steve and his staff spent considerablebut he believes it was worth every penny. Blake, time researching the most effective way to minis- the chief executive director, designed the interior ter to this population. We know through studiesof the building. We preserved as much as we that women dont get along as well as men do, socould of the original architecture from 1912, you cant put them in dormitories. Two womenBlake said. We exposed the 20th-century rivets. will share one room. When you walk into the suite, theres a foyer area and a full bath between the two bedrooms. Theres a lounge and balcony where they can gather. The rooms are designed in a way that it gives the impression of walking into an apartment. Out-side each entrance residents can put a seasonal decoration on a shelf; and area rugs inside further Photo courtesy of Capital City Rescue Mission Photo courtesy of Denver Rescue Missiongive each space a home feel.To glean ideas for the new building, Steve, other staff, and board members visited several res-cue missions. Weve had a tremendous amount of support to go forward with this, he shared. The city, our board, and donors have all been support-ive. Every dollar weve needed has come in through a foundation, an individual donor, grants, 14 WWW.CITYGATENETWORK.ORG JULY/AUGUST 2021'