b'Natalee is a freelance writer and editor and a fulltime mother of two. She lives in Colorado Springs. You can reach her at nataleekasza@gmail.com.Whether God is leading ministries to make minor or major upgrades, the changes will glorify Him and allow the light of His saving love to shine more brightly.Many of the ideas for the new facility cameis building a restaurant to go along with its cater-from some of the brightest people in the commu- ing business, Hallelujah! BBQ. The restaurant will nity, with whom the mission has good workinghave a multiuse component. Theres a need in relationships. Sam said, The architect who collab- the community for meeting rooms, Blake said. orated on this project loves us. He brought the bestWhen you build something that people other to the table. We had top-quality contractors andthan the homeless population are going to use, vendors who helped us.youre building up PR. The Rescue Mission received tens of thousandsThe primary customer will be the business of dollars in generous donations: One donor, wholunch crew. Since were a vocational rehab program, owns the local Ashley furniture franchise, providedI want to concentrate on only one meal. If the all the furniture, sharing that the Lord had toldrestaurant is empty every evening, it can serve him to do so. A local mattress company built aas a community center for elderly guests and for bedbug-proof mattress and provided beddingspecial events at that time. systems for the building. Whether God is leading ministries to make Many missions use rooms for various purposes,minor or major upgrades, the changes will glorify often using movable walls or partitions to divideHim and allow the light of His saving love to or expand rooms. The Rescue Mission of El Pasoshine more brightly. \x03Photo courtesy of Capital City Rescue Mission Photo courtesy of Helping Up Mission18 WWW.CITYGATENETWORK.ORG JULY/AUGUST 2021'