b'DAYTODAYINSURANCE SOLUTIONSBrian MerriamSafe and Sound Facilities management in a postCOVID19 worldW ith the waning of COVID-19 as thefacility inviting yet still secure should desper-top news story each day, it might beate behavior be exhibited. tempting to believe that it was all Some ministries are utilizing remote work a terrible nightmare. But those serving in life- along with in-person work arrangements. In transforming ministries know that, unlike thesuch a combination, consider security again; restaurant downperhaps your facilities will not have as many the street, thereemployees or volunteers as in pre-COVID-19 was no cessation ofyears. Are your facilities more vulnerable to activities, planning,break-ins and other nefarious activities? Are or forward move- staff safe with fewer employees on the prop-ment during 2020erty? Should more cameras and lighting be and now into 2021. installed? Is there a log of whos in the build-There are not onlying should an active shooter event occur and a lot of lessonsyou need to account for everyones learned but alsowhereabouts? a lot of matters to address as we move If the post-COVID-19 world for your ministry forward in this newresults in less need for facilities and you are era. When it comesdownsizing your campus, beware that most to facilities, a number of considerations should beinsurance policies have vacancy provisions. discussed with your safety committee and yourThese will cause suspension of salient cover-leadership team. Here is a sampling:ages such as vandalism, sprinkler leakage,If you are in the process of expanding yourbuilding glass breakage, water damage, theft, facilitiesrenovating, acquiring, or buildingand attempted theft when a building has been new onesbear in mind that there may bevacant for 60 days or more. Additionally, all future pandemics, and the hastily-erectedother loss of damage, if not excluded, will be pieces of Plexiglas might be better replacedreduced by 15 percent. Therefore, it may be Brian is the official insurancewith security glass. Perhaps as a safety precau- best to change the insurance contracts to consultant for Citygate Net tion, not just against mouth-transferredthose that are designed for vacant buildings. work. The Merriam Agencyviruses but also against armed assault, yourWe are all wiser, I trust, for living through offers property, casualty, auto,entryway should have some thick glass witha global pandemic. For most ministries, our directors and officers, and workers compensation cover an intercom system. We recently had a knifefacilities are vital to our services, and even ages tailored to the needs ofattack at a shelter during a code blue, whenthough the virus may be waning, there are Citygate Network members.admittance requirements were relaxed. Per- ongoing considerations in facility management You can email Brian at brian@merriaminsurance.com . haps there is a way to make the entry to yourthat need to be addressed. \x0354 WWW.CITYGATENETWORK.ORG JULY/AUGUST 2021'