b'Finding flexibility inMobile outreach is a great opportunity for your existing spaceresource partnership. Maui Rescue Mission has six I f an expansion isnt in the planor theresource agencies join us for outreach, using pop-budgetthese ideas can help you get theups as field offices. This means our team and most out of the space you have now.partners dont have to serve guests from a build-ing. Additionally, we can reach homeless friends Mobile outreach and the great outdoorswho have always been indoor averse and those Due to social distancing, some are facing dimin- who arent comfortable indoors because of ished capacity in existing buildings. So what canCOVID-19. But were still able to share the Lord we do to lessen the burden on our facilities? Howwith them, get them the services they need, and can we decrease the need for in-house services?build lasting relationships. Mobile outreach, sometimes called street outreach,This has been successful because its a low-is a flexible and creative option. Instead of expect- barrier, in-the-field outreach ministry, serving ing clients to come to our ministry, we can takeour unhoused friends near their camps. In other services directly to them.words, were able to start a continuum of care and The Maui Rescue Missionwhere I amcase management for our clients without housing co-founder and chairman of the boardis anthem. Below are just some of the services the team example of a mobile resource center with effec- brings to the field:tive community outreach. In fact, our model has A chaplain for spiritual guidance and forming been entirely mobile since the beginning. Wea foundation/relationship.operate a trailer with a shower, sink, and toilet A field nurse who provides wound care, distributes socks, and helps people get their We operate a trailer with a shower, sink, andmedications. toilet in one compartment, and two washers and A mental health worker who guides our clientsto resources and helps them stay on their dryers in another compartment. Its equippedmedications.with WiFi and charging stations, and some Social workers who do case management, get partner organizations provide meals.IDs, and help people qualify for and receive food stamps, housing, etc. A veteran service provider specifically for in one compartment, and two washers and dryersservice members. in another compartment. Its equipped with WiFi A medical assistance coordinator to help and charging stations, and some partner organi- our clients get the medical benefits that are zations provide meals. We serve more than 80available to them. clients per outreach and host five outreaches a week in four locations across the island. WhileExpanding into outdoor dining our clients are waiting for their clothes to beThese days, many rescue missions that operate washed and dried, we have an hour of opportu- food distributions are serving more clients than nity to build relationships.ever. Here are some things to consider:30 WWW.CITYGATENETWORK.ORG JULY/AUGUST 2021'