Citygate Network’s celebrated Annual Conference and Exposition is seen as the largest and most energetic event of its kind for people serving in rescue missions and life-transformation ministries. Year after year, attendees affirm that there is nothing else like it anywhere.

Palm Springs, California, is where it will all be happening in 2019. The primary dates are June 3–6, with a very special (optional) preliminary gathering taking place in Los Angeles June 1–2.

If you haven’t been to Palm Springs, California, it’s a must-see setting: The land of pools and palm trees and more golf courses than you can shake a five-iron at. A walk down North Palm Canyon Drive—just three blocks from where our event will be—offers the quintessential California experience: Trendy shops and boutiques, amazing restaurants, and an occasional movie star.


We’ve chosen the one-word theme of “Exodus” for our 2019 event. There are so many parallels between Moses’ efforts in trying to lead the Israelites out of slavery and the work that life-transformation ministry leaders do in trying to lead people out of bondage—be it poverty, addiction, mental illness, destructive behavior, and more. Just like Moses, we deal with griping, complaining, our people wanting to go back to the old life, and even idol making. And just like Moses, we have those burning bush moments, Red Sea moments, manna from heaven moments, and times when we want to strike the rock rather than speak to it. Indeed, we have a lot in common with Moses.

On another level, our association has made an exodus—which literally means “departure”—from one identity to another. The conference will focus in on our destination and how we are following God’s leading to new strategies and methods and greater opportunities than we had before we left where we were.

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