The Mental Price Construction Workers Pay

The high-pressure, physically demanding environment construction workers face takes a significant mental toll. A study revealed that 83% of these workers have experienced mental health conditions. Long hours, chronic pain, and extreme working conditions increase their risk of substance abuse and a suicide rate four times higher than the general population.
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2024 Annual Conference and Exposition Recap

This year’s conference and exposition brought together over 1,260 Citygate Network members and supporters Lexington, Kentucky
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Don’t Cheapen Trauma

In a thought-provoking article published in Psychology Today, author and licensed clinical social worker Nancy Colier critiques the widespread use of the term “trauma.” She believes it's often used as a catch-all label for any challenges or inconveniences we feel shouldn't happen to us.
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Canadian Province Divided on How to Spend Monies for Homelessness

Recent statistics from Ontario, Canada, reveal a significant funding shift in homelessness programs versus community housing. While the government has allocated millions to address immediate homelessness, funding for long-term community housing initiatives has drastically declined.
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LA Tries New Initiative to Treat More Addicts

In Los Angeles County, a new initiative called Reaching the 95% (R95) aims to improve engagement with those needing addiction treatment. Nationwide statistics reveal that while over 48 million Americans struggle with drug or alcohol use disorders, only 13 million sought treatment last year.
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