Debating Solutions to Homeless Crisis

The Arthur N. Rupe Great Debate at UC Santa Barbara brought together experts to tackle the pressing question of homelessness. Panelists, including Andy Bales of Union Rescue Mission and others, debated whether housing is a human right and the challenges in creating affordable housing.
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Problems with Point-in-Time Count Persist

The annual HUD-required Point-in-Time count aims to measure homelessness, but inconsistencies raise questions. According to ABC News, varying methods and limited standards across communities lead to underreported figures.
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Come Early for Value-Added Education Just Prior to the Annual Conference

Heading to Lexington, Kentucky this June? Add extra value to your trip by joining our pre-conference education sessions.
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Florida Working on Controversial Legislation to Manage Unhoused

Governor Ron DeSantis proposes designated camps for the unhoused, equipped with security and health services. Aimed at maintaining public order and property values, this approach divides opinions.
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Trends in Higher Education Changing

Trade schools are seeing a surge in enrollment as students seek affordable, skill-focused education. This trend offers a viable alternative to traditional college paths, leading to direct career opportunities without the burden of debt.
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