Tackling Domestic Violence

The issue of domestic violence is not exclusive to those who have homes and stable living situations. Homelessness and domestic violence often intersect, and individuals experiencing homelessness are at an increased risk of violence and abuse.
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Push Continues for Charitable Deduction Legislation

Homeless families often rely on our member missions and kindred ministries for critical services such as shelter, food, and healthcare. The Universal Charitable Deduction encourages individuals and corporations to give to organizations by providing a tax incentive for their donations.
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Accommodations That Think Outside the Box

Revive 66 Campground offers a safe and comfortable night’s stay in one of 52 lockable vintage-style campers.
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Distributing Leftovers After the Big Game

Did you know that every #SuperBowlSunday, thousands of pounds of leftover food go to waste? This year, the Food Recovery Network and Waste Not combined their efforts to rescue and redistribute surplus food from the Super Bowl.
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