Enlightening Statistics About the Rise and Fall of Poverty Rates

New op-ed by Pastor David Beckmann sheds light on the rollercoaster poverty rates in the U.S. during and post-pandemic. Through bipartisan action, child poverty was halved! What's the catch? The gains were lost after pandemic aid ceased.
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Census Bureau Releases New Poverty Data

The latest data from the 2022 Current Population Survey is in, and it's grim. The expiration of pandemic relief measures and changes in tax policies have led to a startling 59% increase in the U.S. poverty rate. It's a sobering wake-up call that asks us to reconsider the tools we use to combat poverty.
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California Governor to Decide Legality of Psychedelics

California may just become a forerunner in decriminalizing psychedelics like psilocybin if Senate Bill 58 gets Governor Newsom's approval. The bill does place restrictions on school property and underage possession. The divisive issue has been met with opposition, citing concerns about its impact on existing social problems.
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Airport Serving as Shelter for Influx of Migrants

In the face of a rising number of migrants, Chicago has made the unprecedented move of using O'Hare Airport as temporary housing. This has sparked debate about public safety, resources, and the ethics of using public spaces in this manner. Meanwhile, the Biden administration identifies more airports for potential use, with Atlantic City strongly opposing the proposal. The question remains: What is the best course of action?
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Participate in a Free Mental Health Summit

Ignorance is NOT bliss when it comes to mental health. The Church Mental Health Summit aims to enlighten us all. On October 10th, join the conversation on Church Health, Community Health, Leadership Health, and Missions & Culture. Presented by experts from Spiritual First Aid, Hope Made Strong, and Biola’s Rosemead School of Psychology, this FREE summit offers practical tools, biblically-based resources, and hope.
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