COVID-19 Is Still with Us

The newest guidelines from the CDC for COVID-19 and congregant shelters.
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Boosting Single Parent Educational Outcomes

A national foundation working to improve higher ed outcomes among the underserved provided a start-up fund to launch pilot programs tailored to single mothers. How did they do?
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Rolling Out a New Crisis Hotline

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline has transitioned to a three-digit number (988) for both calls and texts. Health officials and advocates hope the revamped system will improve the handling of the mental health crisis response across the country.
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Time To Grow

When leaders are humble, empowering, servant-oriented, and skilled, they give life to their teams and organizations. When leaders are insecure, micromanaging, demeaning, and demanding, they kill their teams and organizations.
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Tracking the Trends: Too Many Fatherless Boys

The percentage of boys who do not live with their biological father has risen to 32 percent since 1960. That means about 12 million boys are growing up without their biological dad at home.
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