Mission/Ministry Membership Enrollment

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Citygate Network. Please download, complete, and fax in your membership application. You may also view missions that are currently members in our member mission directory. For further assistance contact Aly Zadurowicz.

Mission/Ministry Membership Fees

Citygate Network memberships are divided into levels based on your total annual operating expenses*. The following chart shows the annual fees for membership for each level.

Each membership level includes a certain number of digital members who have access to member benefits, including the members-only website, electronic publications, and discussion groups. Up to half of your digital members also may be designated as full members. Full members receive all digital benefits plus Instigate magazine and association voting privileges.

Additional digital members beyond the allotted number can be added for $49 each, and Instigate magazine subscriptions can be purchased separately for $36 if you need more magazines than your number of full members allows.

Citygate Network offers a 5% discount on the annual membership fee if the full payment is made. Quarterly and bi-annual payment options are also available. New members will qualify for an additional 10% discount on the membership fee. Click here to download the membership application. Contact us for information about membership scholarship programs.

* Note: Annual operating expenses should include your thrift store only if it is part of your overall budget, but not if it has its own budget. Gifts in kind would only be included if you budget for them.