Webinar Presentations to Ministry Members

Share your expertise and innovative ideas through a Citygate Network webinar! Members turn to Citygate Network's professional development webinars to learn about creative innovations, receive sound advice from subject matter experts, discover viable solutions to their biggest challenges, and see how new practices can be used to build their ministries.

By presenting or underwriting a Citygate Network webinar, you can become a trusted expert and supporter that ministry members look to. Topics for 2022 have been pre-selected based on industry developments and input received from our ministry members. See the list of webinar topics and create your proposal here.

As in the past, you will have 60-75 minutes to connect with and present your content to members. We take care of the promotion to ensure your name is placed front and center, and we even host the webinar for you. Afterwards, your webinar will live on the shelves of our members-only library. If you prefer to underwrite a webinar, rather than present, we will make sure your company name is synonymous with the subject matter as members will see you as a supporter and advocate.

Pertinent Information

Selection Process

The open proposal format is available only to active business members.

  1. Start by submitting your webinar proposal here.
  2. Once your proposal is received, the Citygate Network education team will review and discuss the merits of your proposal.
  3. We will contact you directly to let you know whether or not your proposal has been selected.
  4. The proposal format is available only to active business members and partners.
  5. Selections are made on a first-come, first-served basis, in addition to aligning content with educational needs.


The $895 fee includes:


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