Webinar Presentations to Mission/Ministry Members

Citygate Network is pleased to announce a new option for business members to connect with our mission and ministry members. Starting in 2021, you can share your expertise and innovative ideas through a Citygate Network webinar.

Our members highly value the educational offerings we provide. They count on us to deliver creative innovations, sound advice, viable solutions, and useful best practices. So, if you have a great idea to present, take this opportunity to send us your proposal.

Pertinent Information

2021 Webinar Schedule

Citygate Network will host one webinar per month except in June and December. Email or call Sam Edwards to inquire about available dates.

Selection Process

The open proposal format is available only to active business members.

  1. Submit your completed Webinar Proposal. Fill out the online form.
  2. Once your proposal is received, the Citygate Network education team will review and discuss the merits of your proposal.
  3. We will contact you directly to let you know whether or not your proposal has been selected.


The $849 fee includes:


 Email for More Information