In addition to the “semin-ettes” offered during the optional L.A./Skid Row Experience (June 1–2) and the optional Exodus Exhortations pre-conference workshops (June 3), Citygate Network’s Annual Conference offers 65 track seminars. Complete seminar descriptions, plus instructors’ names and credentials, will be available here in March, as well as in the final convention program.

  • Creating Places of Grace on Your Campus
  • Understanding EQ: Leading Clients to Better DecisionMaking
  • The Future of Addiction Recovery Through MedicalAssisted Treatment
  • A FiveFold Process for Discerning God’s Call on Our Lives
  • A Functional Model to Eradicate Human Trafficking
  • Starting with Nothing: From an Idea to a Fully-Functional Program
  • A Cultural Shift from Relief to Development: A Transformational Approach to Programs
  • Resourcing the Cultural Shift: Strategic Community Partnerships and Funding Partners
  • Leading the Cultural Shift: Influencing Your Board, Aligning Your Team
  • Start with Your Why: Developing a Wholistic Approach to Ministry
  • Models to Explore in Senior Residential Care
  • Establishing a Respite Care Shelter
  • Helping Clients Transition from Military to Civilian Life
  • Shifting to a Relationally Driven Culture
  • Serving Homeless Refugees and Immigrants
  • Addictions: An Applied Approach
  • The Walking Wounded
  • Meeting the Challenge
  • The Healing Process
  • The Effective Servant
  • Turning Addictive Behaviors into Healthy Habits
  • Promoting Women’s Wellness Through Holistic Programming
  • Beyond the Office: Treating Clients in Real-Life Situations
  • Deinstitutionalization: Preparing Residents for Success Outside Your Walls
  • Hungry, Humble, and Smart: Developing Soft Skills in Work Readiness Programs
  • Equipping Children and Families for a Meaningful Future
  • A Trauma-Informed Approach to Understanding and Treating Your Clients
  • A Symbiotic Relationship That Benefits Clients, Programs, and Operations
  • More Than a Handshake: An Intake Process that Opens the Door to Change
  • Life Transformation Through Operational Excellence: Data-Driven Programs
  • Development and Program Staff: The Struggle Is Real, But It Doesn’t Have to Be
  • Special Events for Special Results
  • Build Long-Term Funding Through Partnerships with Foundations
  • Not Just Grant Seeking—Grant Hunting
  • New Development Strategies from Today’s Fastest-Growing Ministries and Nonprofits
  • Breaking Through to High-Capacity and High-Profile Donors
  • How to Fearlessly and Successfully Ask for Money
  • Thank-Love-Pray: Innovative Ways to Harvest Deeper Donor Relationships
  • Successfully Executing a Comprehensive Capital Campaign
  • God’s Purpose for You in the Development Department
  • Volunteers: Helping Transform Lives One Relationship at a Time
  • The Six Essential Principles of Leadership
  • The Intersections of Finance and HR
  • Your Retirement Plan’s Admin and Fiduciary Responsibility
  • Creating a Strengths-Based Culture in Your Mission
  • HR 101: Best Practices, Legally Speaking
  • Creating a Coaching Culture for Your Team
  • Does Your 990 Tell a True Story About Your Organization?
  • Unlocking Potential by Investing in the Development of Your Team
  • 10 Ways to Ensure a “Boring” Management Comment Letter from Your CPA
  • Creating a Transformative, Trauma-Informed Social Enterprise
  • Entrepreneurship for Human Flourishing
  • It’s Not the Fashion...It’s the Feeling: Your Thrift Store Can Set the Stage for Change
  • When to Pull the Trigger on Separating Your Social Enterprise from the Ministry
  • Social Enterprise that Merges Mission, Client, and Community
  • The Theology of Rebranding: God Is in the Details
  • Strategic Partnerships: Increasing Impact and Relevance
  • Getting Beyond the Like: Practical Strategies for Deeper Social Media Engagement
  • Courageously Plotting a Course Through Uncertainty (Branding and Other Big Decisions)
  • Next-Level Content Creation and Optimization

Plus: Seminars from the Association of Christian Thrift Stores