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Plan now to come early to the conference for the following optional programs (see the registration page for pricing).


Come two days early and see Los Angeles’ infamous Skid Row and two member missions!

We’re inviting folks to fly into the L.A. area early and take in the stunning reality of the largest Skid Row in North America. Starting at 3:00 p.m. Saturday, June 1, we’ll tour Union Rescue Mission and Los Angeles Mission, located a block apart in the heart of it all. We’ll have Saturday dinner and Sunday lunch at the missions. Our time will be spent observing mission operations and sitting under the tutelage of mission leaders and city officials. You can choose your own L.A. accommodations from our recommended list. Stay in a name-brand downtown high-rise hotel or a safe-and-secure local rooming house for the total experience. Late Sunday afternoon, we’ll travel by comfortable motor coach to Palm Desert and have dinner on the way.

The two-day experience with four meals (and snacks) and one-way motor coach transportation is just $149 per person. Register early as this excursion will certainly fill up fast.


Come in on Sunday night to be on hand for these Monday workshops. There are three tracks!

Moses, miracles, and manna (keeping with our theme of Exodus) will be our context for three sessions about leadership, transformative programs, and resource development. There are three workshops in each track, and—no need to strike a rock—we’ll also provide lunch.

Moses: Leading a Movement 

In Jewish tradition, Moses stands as one of the greatest prophets. He challenged Pharaoh, led the people through the desert, and guided them to the edge of the Promised Land. He wasn’t a perfect leader, and that’s why his leadership journey provides a great framework to discuss how to vocalize a vision, gather resources, and retain focus in the face of diversity. Like the Israelites moving toward the Promised Land, our member ministries, too, are following God’s leading into new strategies and methods.

Miracles: Serving Clients with a Deeper Understanding

The children of Israel saw miracle after miracle, yet their journey to the Promised Land was marked by griping, complaining, attempts to return to old ways, and making idols. The people we serve, too, struggle in these ways, and society continues to devise new ways to enslave. We’ll discuss human trafficking exodus and restoration, healing from abuse, and we’ll study trauma-informed care to understand how traumatic experiences can manifest in a person’s life. Above all, we’ll talk about the miracle of life transformation.

Manna: Sharing the Vision to Expand your Reach

Manna was God’s provision to help His people survive in the wilderness and learn to depend on Him day by day. They ate manna until they reached the border of Canaan. As your vision grows, your resources must keep pace. How do you share your bold vision and get donors to invest in long-term life transformation? Together, we’ll uncover ways to align your message with donors’ values, empower your ministry to innovate, and get your givers on the journey with you.

Details about our track seminars will be coming at a later date.