Snapshot Survey

Citygate Network's Snapshot Survey

Citygate Network conducts an annual Snapshot Survey during the first quarter of each year. This single day, point-in-time survey compiles data from thousands of individuals utilizing emergency shelter, supportive services, or addiction recovery programs from our member missions and ministries. These statistics have been tracked from 2018-2023 and are available for review here.

The data collected through the Snapshot Survey provides local and national media with a demographic snapshot of homelessness and poverty in communities across North America. Keep in mind, the information on this document is from a portion of our membership and represents a single day's report. The final number of people cared for by Citygate Network members is exponentially larger when multiplied by 365 days and our full membership.

For 2024

Understanding, measuring, knowing the activities of Citygate Network members on a national scale is of upmost importance. While the Snapshot Survey remains a valuable Citygate Network resource, we have determined not to conduct it for 2024. Instead, we are directing our focus toward two key initiatives:

  1. Knowing Our Members: In coming months, an alternative survey will be conducted to help us understand what members are doing (information on their programs and services) and what they want from us at Citygate Network (reasons for belonging and perspective on benefits).
  2. Knowing Our Members’ Outcomes: We are actively working on a partnership initiative that defines, captures, and understands membership-wide data efficiently through a real-time dashboard. This information is crucial as we seek to have a meaningful impact on conversations about homelessness, mental illness, and addiction – from Washington D.C. to social media to our members’ local communities.

These changes are part of our broader vision for impact – a movement committed to help people move from suffering to flourishing.

For more information, contact Citygate Network at email or phone (719) 266-8300.