Agency Membership Benefits

Citygate Network is pleased to provide this helpful list of member benefits. Additions and modifications occur on a regular basis as ministry environments change. Learn more about membership by viewing the benefits below.

For any questions about Agency Membership, please email

An (*) Indicates available at additional charge.

Bi-monthly industry-wide magazine covering all aspects of programming and operations.

Property and Liability Insurance*
Industry advocacy and reduced-rate possibilities, plus member-involved insurance committee through Merriam Insurance.

DC Forum*
Yearly gathering where the leaders of member organizations can meet with their own senator, representative, senior level staffers, policy experts, and receive valuable training.

Continuing Degree Studies*
Member discounts for urban ministry and management classes toward undergraduate degrees and certificates through Arizona Christian University, Cairn University and City Vision University.

Seminary Education*
Discounted tuition to The Urban Ministry Institute's (TUMI) seminary program, offering associate degrees for mission staff and clients.

Online training sessions that call quick attention to the newest ideas and theories in leadership and ministry.

Access to recordings of outstanding seminar presenters and general session speakers from Citygate Network conferences provided by Piper Media.

Ripple Effect*
Citygate Network's board performance acceleration program, which provides a permanent framework for board excellence to strongly influence each participating organization's present and future board members.

Abuse Recovery Training*
Through Citygate Network's partnership with Abuse Recovery Ministry Services (ARMS), an exclusive discount on facilitator training, plus access to webinars and other resources.

Connect Groups
Online discussion forums for more than 20 professional peer groups within the network, as well as regional connections. Available by subscription on member profile.

Directory of Member Ministries
Up-to-date listing of member organizations, including contact information, CEO names, locator maps, self-identified program list, volunteer and donor links, and much more.

Business Member Directory
Quick connection to ministry partners in the business world that offer relevant products and services.

Individual Member Directory-Searchable and up-to-date database of individual members who lead and staff ministries in Citygate Network membership.

Resources Library
Rolling collection of sample policies, job descriptions, plans, and other documents categorized by staff member responsibility

Career Center
Online portal where members can list employment classifieds and full job descriptions; applicants can submit résumés to member ministries online.

Best Practices
Documents detailing processes that can help ministries operate more efficiently and effectively while increasing accountability.

How-to documents outlining various steps a member ministry can take to address challenging concerns.

Position Papers
Positional documents presenting a Christian response to various hot topics and social concerns.

A coordinated effort to codify, collect, and share program outcome data across member ministries. The data is used to improve programs and influences legislation.

Citygate Network Helpline
Over-the-phone and email guidance for members needing assistance with specific problems or unusual situations.

Food Service*
Cost-saving program through Trinity/HPSI, helping members reduce expenses on food and non-durable goods.

Free, exclusive access through NextJob to industryleading software that coaches job-seeking clients through the employment process.

ECFA Financial Credibility
ECFA application fee is waived for Citygate Network members, as are the costs for many ECFA webinars.

Planned Giving*
Free and discounted planned giving services offered through an exclusive partnership with Orchard Alliance.

Guide to Ministries and Services
Searchable database of member missions, including program descriptions, to help the public find needed services.

Social Networking
Regular social media messages promoting lifetransformation ministry and member organizations.

Public Awareness Campaigns
Major collaborations drawing attention to the broken and forgotten, and to members' work and needs.

Local Initiatives*
City and community programs like Sleepless and My Night in a Box to unite people and rally support on all levels.

Interviews and Releases
Citygate Network press involvement, PSAs, and YouTube links calling attention to issues surrounding the most vulnerable in society.

Federal Government Influence
Citygate Network staff regularly connect with government officials in promoting member interests in Washington, D.C.

Legislative Alerts
Online information flagging key legislative agendas and recommended actions.

Faith and Giving Coalition
As a founding member of the Faith and Giving Coalition, Citygate Network advocates for members to protect charitable giving and keeps them up to date on matters affecting resource development.

Studies and Research
Case studies and in-depth research on issues touching life transformation ministry on national and local levels.

On-Call Attorney
Free 20-minute initial consultation with an attorney who has extensive experience in nonprofit law.

Discounted Counsel*
Nonprofit law attorney available to members at reduced rates for expert guidance through difficult situations.

Legal Representation*
Discounted membership to Alliance Defending Freedom, an organization that represents Christian ministries in defense of religious liberties.

Permission to use the Citygate Network logo on literature and websites, linking members to an esteemed, widely recognized brand.

Membership Certificate
Document suitable for framing showing connection with the association, plus number of years of involvement.