Our History

Founded in 1913, Citygate Network has been around almost as long as North America’s  missions themselves. Read Deep Roots the compelling history written for our 100th anniversary. 

Citygate Network was founded in 1913 as the International Union of Gospel Missions. Learn how it grew and who launched it to become the influential network it is today:

IUGM Founding
When and how the network began.

Association Founding Fathers
The stories of some of the ministry leaders who had the original vision for a rescue mission network

Historical Timeline
Significant people and events in the netowork’s 100 years

Our member missions also have a rich history of serving those in need. Read more about their founding and powerful influence:

The Life and Ministry of Jerry McAuley
The fascinating story of the founder of the America’s first rescue mission (McAuley’s mission, founded in 1872, is still an active member of Citygate Network. We trace our own roots to that ministry’s founding.

Glasgow City Mission
The pioneer of the urban rescue movement

Time to Reflect and Look Ahead

A perspective from former Citygate Network Executive Director Stephen Burger about two rescue missions’ notable histories