Agency Membership

Citygate Network members have a long history of providing lifelines for those drowning in the waves of adversity and the undertow of addiction. They have been keeping watch on the waterfront of despair, and countless men, women, and children have been saved in every sense of the word.

These days, Citygate Network members are also involved in education, physical and mental health monitoring, career development, job placement, and housing procurement. These are important steppingstones in the journey from human suffering to human flourishing.

If you are providing addiction recovery or any of these other services to individuals in destitute conditions or desperate situations and are affiliated with a larger national or “parent” organization, Citygate Network Agency Membership is an option to consider. But first, a formal agreement between Citygate Network and the national or “parent” organization needs to be in place.

As an Agency Member, you will receive many of the same benefits that Mission/Ministry Members receive. You will be kept in the loop with government relations updates, industry bulletins, current trends, important statistics, and the latest heartwarming stories of people on the brink of destruction who have had their lives radically changed through an encounter with Jesus.

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