Sponsorship Rules 2023

  1. Businesses have until 5 p.m. MST on Wednesday, February 15, to notify Citygate Network of their interest for primary, product, or event sponsorships by completing and submitting their registration.
  2. Previous sponsorships are not a factor in determining which businesses are awarded sponsorships for the 2023 conference.
  3. There will be one Title Sponsor, up to three Major Sponsors, and up to five Supporting Sponsors.
  4. After February 15, any uncontested sponsorship for which interest has been indicated will be awarded. If there is more than one interested party for a primary sponsorship or for a product or event sponsorship, the sponsorship will be decided by random drawing by an unaffiliated third party.
  5. Drawings for primary sponsorships will start with the highest level and work down. Drawings for products/events will be done in the order they appear on the website.
  6. NOTE: Businesses can apply for multiple primary sponsorships. Once drawn for a primary sponsorship, the business will not be in the remaining primary drawings.
  7. Businesses that are not selected in the Title Sponsor drawing will automatically receive a Major Sponsor spot. However, if more than three businesses are eligible for the Major Sponsor spots from the first drawing, a second drawing will be conducted to determine which businesses receive the Major Sponsorships.
  8. The same process will be followed for the Major Sponsor drawing. For the remaining Major Sponsor openings, a drawing will be conducted from the businesses that did not apply for the Title Sponsor. Business names that are not drawn will automatically become a Supporting Sponsor. However, if more than five businesses are eligible for the Supporting Sponsor spots from the first drawing, a second drawing will be conducted to determine which businesses receive the Supporting Sponsorships.
  9. Citygate Network business members will be given priority. If a business member and a non-business member are both interested in the same primary sponsorship or product/event sponsorship, the business member will be awarded the sponsorship without a drawing. A non-business member will be awarded a primary sponsorship or product/event sponsorship only if it is the sole interested party, or if only other non-business members are interested; in that event a drawing will be held for multiple non-business members who apply for the same sponsorship.
  10. Starting February 16, sponsorships for any uncontested primary or product/event sponsorships will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.


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