The 2023 Annual Conference and Exposition

May 31 – June 3: Orlando, Florida

The 2023 Annual Conference and Exposition will take us to the Southeast as we gather in one of the country's most dynamic cities — Orlando, Florida. We'll be at the Hyatt Regency Orlando, only minutes away from...pretty much everything.

Since we'll be in a hub of family entertainment, you know we have lots of fun on the docket, but we're also packing a lot of solid education into this event, with 65 track seminars, plus intensives being planned.

Our time together in this storied location will be guided by the theme, “...Ever After” and Jeremiah 29:11–12.

As we work every day with people in peril and grow in our understanding of life transformation ministry, their happy endings are what should motivate us more than ever—not just their spiritual destinies, but their continuing journeys on earth. Our core work must increasingly focus on helping them follow in our Savior’s footsteps — measuring their progress along the way.

We’re hopeful that the 2023 theme will also call us to examine our own journeys to be sure that we are paving the way for those who will follow us, whether that’s soon to happen or still a long way off. Many of our member organizations have been around for more than 100 years. God will keep extending those years if we view happily ever after from His perspective and not our own.

We'll have more details available soon, but please plan to join us in Orlando next year, May 31 – June 3.